Seabastion Toast is a passionate and prolific painter whose vibrant canvases capture the essence of light, pattern and the beauty of everyday moments. With a dynamic blend of abstract compositions with astute observations of daily life, Toast creates immersive worlds that beckon viewers to explore and connect with their innermost thoughts and emotions.


Born and raised in Melbourne, Seabastion Toast now lives and works in Coffs Harbour, NSW. She holds a Bachelor degree in Visual Arts (major-painting) from Southern Cross University, including hugely influential six month Exchange to Pratt Art Institute in New York.


Toast recently won the $10,000 Darcy Doyle Award for Landscape painting for the second time and was in the top 8 finalists in the Evelyn Award for painters under 45. She also won two awards at the 2019 Glover Prize. In 2023, Toast won the People’s Choice Award at the Portia Geach Prize as well as the People’s Choice in the Sunshine Coast Art Prize. She is regularly a finalist in many prominent Awards including the Mosman, Lester and National Still Life Awards. Seabastion Toast is currently represented by Anthea Polson Gallery on the Gold Coast.


Drawing from a diverse range of influences, from the masters of the Renaissance to contemporary innovators, Seabastion Toast infuses each piece with a sense of narrative depth and visual allure. Her work transcends traditional boundaries, inviting viewers to embrace the beauty of imperfection and find solace in the interplay of light and shadow.


As Toast continues to push the boundaries of her creativity, she remains dedicated to exploring new techniques and themes, constantly evolving as an artist and deepening her connection to the world around her. Through their passionate commitment to the craft of painting, Seabastion Toast seeks to inspire others to embrace their own unique creative journeys and discover the transformative power of art.


Artist Statement

I am increasingly interested in the very act of looking and attempting to record this process through paint.

Perception is not fixed, and, like shifting conditions in light, focus and atmosphere, I chase the ethereal to gain a greater understanding of how we exist.  


Process driven, painting for me has never been about making pretty pictures, but rather a way of learning to see.  I am interested in creating paintings that encourage the viewer to take time to look, to slow time.  In world where things are often increasing in speed, stopping to spend time with an artwork seems to be one of the most important things we can do.


“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light get’s in” –L. Cohen